Tip #3 Adopt a Flexible Itinerary

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Adopt a Flexible Itinerary

The worst that you can do to yourself while travelling is to be a stickler for rules. It is important to have an itinerary to keep things in order, but it is much more important to enjoy your trip and have a blast. Give a little room for unexpected adventures. Do not set your return date if you think you need more time to explore a place. Your itinerary may look great, but first-hand suggestions from locals and backpackers are the stuff that make travelling more exciting. Travel guide books and magazines may not have an inkling about these suggested spots, which are usually underrated, less crowded and far more beautiful than many tourist spots made famous by media mileage.

Spontaneity, experiencing culture, discovering uncharted territories and meeting new people – these are just a few reasons why we must travel. Stick to your budget and money will be the least of your consideration.

Tip #2 Find the Most Affordable Hostel

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Tip #2. Find the Most Affordable Hostel

Hostels are relatively cheaper than hotels. Though structurally smaller and more cramped, they offer the same amenities and, at times, the same basic travel comforts as many hotels. If you are looking for free Wi-Fi connection, free breakfast and free airport transfers, most hostels offer these services, too. Others offer free laundry service, management-sponsored parties and a lounge where guests can mingle and socialize.

The basic things you have to cope with are space and, in certain locations, hygiene. It is wise to do your research beforehand. Read reviews to know what previous guests think. You will have a clear idea of which hostels to consider and which ones to avoid. Lastly, be on the lookout for promos. Hostels occasionally offer discounts and other perks. A dormitory-type may be a lot cheaper, but if you want a cleaner and less topsy-turvy situation (particularly if you are female), then go for an all-girls dormitory. These rooms are usually less crowded and are more comfortable.

Your Best Travel Budget Tips

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Have you always wanted to travel but the thought of spending beyond your budget frightens you? Well, here is a piece of good news that you’ve been waiting to hear: travel need not break your account. Everyone should be able to travel no matter the amount of money in their bank account. Are you a casual office employee, a student or a retiree, you have all it takes to enjoy the wonders of this world without overshooting your financial capacity. Be your own travel agent!

Deciding to be your own travel agent will help you find handy solutions to the endless expenses required in travelling. Travelling is even more pleasant when it is not too heavy on your pocket. Affordable travelling is a practice that a good number of people are yet to explore. Many travelers have been cheated by expensive travel guides and agents, not knowing that there are actually several ways to reduce the financial challenges.

Below are ways through which you can reduce your travel cost to the minimum:

Tip #1. Walk More

Travelling on a budget means preparing to give up taxis or private cars. What most comfort travelers do not understand, however, is that they are actually spending more for transportation expenses than they are for food, lodging or souvenirs. Some taxi drivers take advantage of tourists, driving them in circles so that they will be forced to pay more than what is necessary. On one hand, if you use your feet more, not only will you be able to test and improve your sense of direction, you can also see and experience interesting spots inaccessible through regular transportation. If you are not sure where to go, then read through blogs, brochures or local magazines. They can serve as your portable travel guide.

Problem 4 on Vacation: Ignorance of your Mobile Situation

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Problem 4: ignorance of your Mobile Situation

One of the most unexpected expenses that await us when we get back from our trip is the very costly mobile phone bill. This is due to roaming charges while we are using our phone abroad. In order to avoid this, you should research ahead of time and see if you can purchase an inexpensive local prepaid SIM card to get very affordable data and minutes. You can always make VOIP calls or send text messages through Facebook Messenger or Skype. There are also other ways of communicating over the internet such as Viber, WhatsApp, Line, and many others.

These are just four of the major hidden travel problems that you might encounter during your mini-break, or while you are on a business trip or family holiday. Avoiding these and being prepared will result in a headache-free travel experience.

Problem 3 o Vacation: Not paying attention to safety warnings

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Problem 3: Not paying attention to safety warnings

There are always safety risks while travelling. In fact, even our own government gives a travel warning whenever we go to certain countries. While we can’t avoid accidents and mishaps on the round, safety is a priority, especially when we are travelling with our family.

When you’re traveling you need to be more aware of your surroundings, especially if you are a tourist in a remote region. There are some ways to stay safe while travelling like keeping your passport, travel documents, cash, and credit cards in a secure place, and spreading them around in various bags just in case one is stolen. You should also not call too much attention to yourself and avoid wearing touristy clothes. While this is not possible in many Asian countries, just try to blend in as much as possible. While travelling, women should always be with a group and not walk in darkened streets alone. While it is While this is not possible in many Asian countries, just try to blend in as much as possible. While travelling, women should always be with a group and not walk in darkened streets alone. While it is perfectly acceptable to enjoy and have a drink or two at a bar, keep track of your alcohol consumption. You shouldn’t get too drunk that you cannot find your way to your hotel.

Problem 2 on Vacation: Getting Sick on the Trip

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Problem 2: Getting Sick on the Trip

The most common travel illness is diarrhea. Eating contaminated food and water contributes to diarrhea. You should always remember that when you are in a strange place, stick to bottled or purified water and freshly prepared food. If you are not sure how food is prepared, do not ingest it. However, travelers can also get ill with respiratory tract infections and influenza. Standing on airports or sitting on planes can get you infected with these common illnesses. When you get ill while travelling, it may get expensive. In some countries, expert medical care in most facilities cost a fortune. One thing you can do is to choose travel insurance that covers medical expenses while travelling.

Avoid these 4 major problems in your next Travel Plan

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Even if you have travelled a lot in the past, you are still susceptible to blunders while traveling, even if you are not aware that you are making them. Some people have been a victim and already fallen into a one of the major travelproblems. Unfortunately, when you have already fallen into a travel problem, it is often a big challenge to get out of it. Just before you start that journey, avoid these four major travel problems so that you make the most out of your trip, along with some smart planning tips.

Problem 1: Spending above Your Budget

Budget is very important while traveling. It is always a good idea to plan out how much you’re spending versus the number of days that you will be staying in a country. You should be able to allocate a per-day budget and stick with it. Of course there will always be that unprecedented expense. Smart travelers usually get travel insurance during the duration of their travel to cover for unexpected costs incurred while travel such as lost baggage, medical expenses, etc.

Before leaving, it is also crucial to make sure you know how much money you have and what you can afford to spend. As much as possible, you should always pay in cash while you are travelling, as there may be places that only accept cash. You should be able to keep cash on reserve in an accessible international account like a savings account just in case of emergencies. There are also several travel apps available that will help you keep track of your expenses.

Tips to make the Best of your next Traveling Experience

Tips to make the Best of your next Traveling Experience

We like to relax after long days of work, sometimes we just get fed up with our routine daily life. A busy and hectic life is emotionally not good because our soul and mind needs some refreshments. Sometime, we need to take a refreshing break and travel to a new place just to rejuvenate our spirit.

Traveling to the new places and with different people and culture has the potency to re-energize our minds. There are different traveling durations depending on the amount of time available to you. You can go for just a weekend travel, a full week travel or a whole month. Some people like adventure travel while others prefer to explore new culture, food and traditions. The nature of traveling can be chosen according to available time and interest.

Traveling can basically be categorized in two of which one is inbound traveling and the other, outbound traveling. In bound traveling implies traveling within one’s country while outbound traveling is traveling to another country. People don’t only travel for pleasure, they travel sometimes for business purposes. An instance is meeting new corporate parties or to explore new business opportunities. For this type of trip, one needs everything that business class service has to offer. It is recommended to choose a reliable travel company or travel tour agent, who have a long experience of organizing, otherwise your time and money can be wasted. You can also get tips from friends who already have an experience of traveling to such places that you’re planning to go.

Before embarking on the journey, you need to keep in mind a number of things such as booking a flight, train ticket to go to another state or city, booking a hotel or suite at a strategic location. It is a wise decision to book all these from a certified travel company or tour agency, they will manage all your traveling needs according to your requirements including hotel booking, flight, train ticket reservation, excursion or tour packages. You have to plan or book your travel in advance otherwise it can be difficult to get tickets and safe some cash as everything get more expensivein the last minutes.

Before embarking on a vacation to a different country there are a couple of things you must ensure to check first-hand such as passport and visas, custom rulesand regulations of the country,travel insurance, and most importantly, the weather conditions. You must prepare appropriate clothing according to the weather condition of the country. If you have fore knowledge of the customs, religions and society of the country, it will be very easy to travel and enjoy every bit of your stay.

Choosing a reliable and experienced travel company/agency which provides an affordable ticket prices and cheap travel packages makes your travel relaxing and memorable.