7 E-Mail Marketing Tips that can boost your Sales

7 E-Mail Marketing Tips that can boost your Sales


Thanks to the Internet, marketing methods have also adapted and changed in the last two decades. Banner ads, flash videos, and other methods are popping up like wildfire on websites all over the place. But the method that has been tested and proved to surpass all others is email marketing.

This form of marketing reaches the customer directly, and can be custom created to fit the shopper’s needs based on past history, personal preference, and much more. While email marketing is an excellent way to garner new customers and maintain old ones, there are some very important things every business needs to know. Here are thirty great tips to getting more people to open up that email every time you send it.

Following are a few email marketing tips to get you started..

eMail Marketing Tip #1: Announce Big Sales

Always let your email subscribers know when a big sale is coming up. Do not wait until the last minute, however. Give your email list members a fair heads-up, and then send another reminder or two before the big sale day. If the sale stretches across several days, be sure to let them know this as well. If a coupon code has to be used, make absolutely sure it is included in the email.

eMail Marketing Tip #2: Use Strong Subject Lines

The subject is what brings people to determine whether or not they hit the delete button automatically or whether they actually click on, open, and read the email. Without an interesting or intriguing subject line, customers might not even bother. Come up with something clever that will grab their attention and make them want to open the email. Use creative one-liners or fun catch phrases. You can also cut right to the chase and say something like: 50% Off All Products for the Next 72 Hours! Another powerful way is to ask a question like: Did you download your free report yet? The point is, if it makes the reader open the email, then the subject line has done its job.

eMail Marketing Tip #3: Make the Call to Action Clear

In other words, always let your customers know what you expect of them, and what they can expect of you. Either it is a sale with free shipping if they purchase $45 or more worth of products, or a free promotional offer if they attend a local event, you have to make the message clear. Any “fine print” should always be out in the open so the reader knows any catches, details, or other provisions they have to meet well in advance.

eMail Marketing Tip #4: Use Social Networking to Your Advantage

Facebook is all the rage right now, so be sure to include a reminder to have your email readers click “like” for your company on Facebook. You can easily include this link inside of the email, so all they have to do is click the icon or link, and it takes them right to Facebook with the option to click on the like button. Facebook is currently showing a valuable asset and additional help to businesses all over the world.

eMail Marketing Tip #5: Include Fun, Informative Content in Your Emails

You do not have to make every single email a sales pitch. Instead, include some interesting information about your product, how it can be used, or another topic closely related to your business. If people in on your subscriber list tend to get nothing but sales letters, they may begin to ignore them. However, if those emails make for an interesting read, they might just press onward and even go to the website and make purchases or ask questions.

eMail Marketing Tip #6: Take Advantage of the Holidays

The holidays, especially major ones, are a good time to market your product or service. Use this to your advantage in emails by creating special, holiday and email only discounts. Be innovative by offering special holiday related products and services, or just have sales during selected periods of the year.

eMail Marketing Tip #7: Create Target Lists for Different Demographics

New mothers will apparently want to receive emails about baby products, while a man will definitely not want to see anything related to the latest heels and handbags you have to offer. You can rather create different email lists for various demographics, so you can easily reach the people who want to read only what they get in there in box. Ensure you sort your current customer base by offering surveys to have and idea of the sex and age demographics you are getting the most business from. This can make a big difference in your sales garnering pursuit.

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